Please help us improve this site.  Any suggestions are welcome. We want to fill this site with information that may be of benefit to clinicians and their patients.  Any suggestions are welcome. Working Together to Make Things Better And that is what this site is all about - working with our customers to make things better for the doctor and the patient. It is solely designed to help provide information that can be involved in case planning.  For example, if you go to the page on modifying an implant abutment due to an angulation problem, you'll see how we've corrected an angulated implant. You can then advise us as to better options, or let us know to proceed with this one. The Information Page is where the doctor and lab can get together to look at case studies that have worked in the past.  When calling the lab, you may be directed to this page as a starting point.  We'll be constantly adding on to this site.  So if there is anything that you as a doctor would like to contribute, please give a call.  We truly want to make things better for you and your patients. By the way, that's Kim and Eric in the pictures.  Kim is the head of our ceramic department (she's pondering the goal her daughter scored in soccer yesterday).  And Eric makes sure each crown has the correct clearance, contacts, etc. before they leave the lab (it took me three weeks to actually get a picture of him working) Home       Information Page       Directions       Contact Us Home       Information Page       Directions       Contact Us